Bio – CV

My academic story (research focus) is a weaving of art making, shared narrative inquiry, performative writing, experiential learning and media production. In 2005 I co-founded Latin Waves Media a creative commons for politics, art and ecology.  Re-storying of politics with curiosity for what is yet to be, with openness to possibilities and Utopian hope birthed through reciprocity and respect for what I do not yet understand.

I grew up in a war torn country and discovered at an early age the power of visibility. The power of making visible our ideas of what is not yet visible. I am an activist using the power of creativity to restore wounded landscapes into fields of fruitful collaboration and co-creation.

In 2014, my work expanded to South Africa, the Arts meets Media pilot project, conceived as a path to bridge technological barriers in cultural agency. The project was expanded in 2015.  Co-creating spaces in between the discursive  story of power and privilege. A post-colonial  theorist, re-imagining our lives outside the border of limitation, reclaiming the air waves as a commons.
Communication is an art, and I am passionate about media for social justice.  Art media, radio production, podcast and live dialogue circles form part of my instructional repertoire.
I am a visual artist, who believes passionately in the power of communication, as the art of connection.  Art making as a bridge to create, enrich and expand co-creative experiential learning, reciprocal sharing and collaborations across academic interests and political orientations.