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The following  video/audio archive showcases some of my speaking engagements regarding the independent media movement. I am an artist, public academic, a dreamer firmly grounded on the soil of possibilities created through collective struggle.
Recognized throughout North America for my expertise as an empowerment speaker. I connect my audiences with the abundance of wisdom, generosity and reciprocity of  our struggles for justice by uplifting participants to a place where they cannot help but to take action towards living a better and more courageous life as change agents in our collective story of who and what we are…and what we can be together.

As a woman my focus is to create a world where the voices of women and girls are heard and valued. Our bodies respected and our labor cherished. I reach out to the worldwide community of women to learn together, laugh together, support each other, in our paths to end isolation, exploitation and oppression of every kind. My mission is to inspire a revolution that begins in our homes, in our ways of seeing our relations with each other and with the non human world.  I engage people by providing a platform for voices of transformation to be expressed and shared through hands on workshops, educational multi-media events, presentations and visual arts explorations.

Please connect with me if you have any questions or would like to collaborate.
With Respect

Sylvia Richardson


Chile 2016 

Hemispheric Encuentro, Artist as Repertoire, work group.  Examined the eX-centric—that which stands apart, on the peripheries of power—as a site of identity, struggle, creativity, and political power. University of Chile, July 17-23 2016.

Austin 2015

Collectivities in Transmigration: Animating Bodies Across Borders, Convener/workshop facilitator, University of Texas, at Austin, USA.  November 19-22, 2015.

Vancouver , 2015 – 

“Arts for Social Justice” Learning Together Conference, Presenter, Simon Fraser University, Spring 2015

Vancouver 2014 – 

“Carbon Butterfly: Arts for Social Justice”.  Education, Internationalization and Social Justice: Preferred Futures. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC. December 4-5 2014

Rome 2014

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Forum on Communication for Development and Community Media for Family Farming. Rome, Italy. October 23-24, 2014

Montreal 2014 – 

Hemispheric Encuentro, Artist as Repertoire workgroup, Concordia University. Montreal, QC. June 22-27 2014

The Peoples Social Forum August 2014 – Latin Waves was on the organizing committee for the Forum and while in Ottawa recorded the following Videos



Interview with Wes Elliot CLICK HERE

Interview with Ana Collins CLICK HERE

Interview with Juan Miranda Sanchez  CLICK HERE

Interview with Chief Shannon CLICK HERE

Interview with Henry Basil CLICK HERE

Interview with Linda Ketchiwes CLICK HERE

Interview with Roger Rashi CLICK HERE

Interview with Hassan Yussef CLICK HERE

Interview with Candace Ball CLICK HERE

NCRC 2014- Victoria, BC – Community Radio as a Social Movement in the Peoples Social Forum – 

Hands on well attended workshop as an invitation to plan, organize and mobilize our network to witness a historical moment in the making, the first Canadian wide social  movement, a Peoples Social Forum.

UDC  2013 – San francisco, CA – Panel 20: Alternative Media: Tools for Social Change

Radical Media: Stories of Uprising, Struggle and Liberation Click Here for Talk

NCRC 2013 – Winnipeg, MB – 

A World to Share,  Stories of Women Transforming Economic, Social and Cultural Power

NCRC 2012 Kingston, Ont –  Critical struggles for social change

This workshop  focused on the work of AMARC in support of social justice and the eradication of political, gendered, and economic inequality; shared a report on AMARC’s work in support of independent media amidst ongoing persecution of journalists at a time of economic and political instability.

Media Democracy Day, 2012 Vancouver

Discussed the role of independent, alternative, and public broadcasting in democratic societies. Such issues include the extent to which alternative media reveals the limits of mainstream news media, recent cuts to the CBC, and the role of public policy in shaping a more independent media terrain.

PANELISTS: Jean Broughton is Staff Representative for the Canadian Media Guild (which represents CBC employees) Tyler Morgenstern has worked with Media Democracy Days in various roles since 2009. Sylvia Richardson is the Vice-president of AMARC-North America (World Association of Community Radio

Keeping the Media Public

(Part3/7) Click Here

(Part 4/7) Click Here

(Part 5/7) Click Here

(Part 6/7)  Click Here

(Park 7/7) Click Here 

Grassroots Radio Conference “Prairie Fire” in Kansas City, 2011

Keynote speaker on behalf of AMARC – Click Here for full presentation

Haiti 2011 –  Risk prevention and disaster management with a gender approach:  Sylvia was widely quoted in the international media for having said.

“In my opinion, there is no such thing as a natural disaster, Poor people are forced to live in conditions that make them vulnerable. The real question is, why do we have this idea that poverty is ‘natural’?”

Poverty is not natural and permanent. It is not something that just happens to certain people in certain places. We’re made poor by exploitation, by theft. By the theft of our resources, the theft of our labour and the theft of our dignity… when we are told that our lives are only worth what the market will pay,”

Full Article Here

Burnaby BC – “Making the World with Words ‘Read the Word, Read the World’” Authentic Leadership: The Intersection of Purpose, Process and Context. Victoria University / Simon Fraser University. Sept. 25-27, 2011.

Vancouver BC – “Flesh Mapping—A Cartography of Struggle, Renewal and Hope in Education”. Interrogating Social Justice in Language and Literacy Education. University of British Columbia May 2011

 NCRC 2011 Halifax, NS – Emergency Response and Community Radio

Presented a lively session that focused on disaster response and supporting community radios in conflict areas. Well attended interactive workshop introducing many stations to the work of AMARC.

La Plata , Argentina, 2010, Elected VP for AMARC North American Region 

Sylvia ran and was elected for North American Region, Click HERE for speech 

Burnaby – “Education and the Hidden Curriculum: Identity, Privilege and Marginality” Rebecca Godfrey and Sylvia Richardson.  Education Without Borders (EWOB) Conference, Simon Fraser University, Belcarra BC. October 2010

Burnaby BC“Change the System not the Climate! Thieves’ Market and 21st Century Class Warfare” CRIE Symposium. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.  September 2010

Burnaby, BC – “Roots of Empathy: Art and Social Justice” Education Without Borders (EWOB) Conference. Simon Fraser University. October 2009

Media Democracy  Day 2009 Vancouver

Then and Now”The Montreal Massacre… 20 Years Later”

Media Democracy Day Vancouver 2008

Journalism in a time of Big Media Domination