The true difference between attaining information versus real learning becomes clear after attending Sylvia’s workshops. She creates a space that allows our creativity and vulnerability to be present with us.

My favourite part of Sylvia’s teaching is painting. She asks us questions to think about as we paint. Without realizing it, we are guided to express and acknowledge our inner most thoughts, that may have been hidden away by everyday life’s chaos.

In addition, she explains to us the biology and psychology behind why we feel, react or think in certain ways as humans, and teaches us techniques one how we create harmony amongst these thoughts and emotions. As an example, ever since practicing meditation and breathing techniques with Sylvia, I have learnt to manage my anxiety, which had been a major barrier to my success in school.

What she teaches, wether it be skills on how to be more productive, or ways of practicing self love, are lessons that will always be remembered. And this is something only a professional educator is able to do. It is an honour to learn from her.