Glenn Ford, Black Agenda Report, Nov 5, 1949 – July 28 2021

Glenn Ford is a good ancestor ,  whenever I feel down or burned out I reenergize myself when I think of the commitment to Justice Glenn Ford had.

I interviewed Glenn in 2010,   Glen Ford was a writer and radio commentator with ‘The Black Agenda Report.’ Glen offers an insightful critique of Obama’s unprecedented 23 trillion dollars bailout, his alliances to the banking sector and the challenges of those who call themselves progressives in the US.

Revolution in a time of Pandemic

host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Jorge Martin about May Day and the significance for workers in Latin America. The man made virus of Capitalism that has shut down economies worldwide. The militarization of life as the response of governments to the pandemic is bullets to those who clamour for justice. Jorge speaks of the repression of people in Colombia, the uprising in Peru, Chile, Haiti against impunity and hunger.

To create schools that are deserving of our babies

Sylvia Richardson speaks with David E. Kirkland, Vice Dean for Equity, and Community Action at NYU. The responsibility for educator to engage with issues of social justice. ” To create schools that are deserving of our babies”, what inspires him to stay engaged and the need for compassion for each other during struggle.